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Month: October 2010

The exciting adventures of JONAH!

…… coming to a Bible Exploration session near you!  Next Wednesday evening  (October 20th) Jonahat CPUC at 7:30.  If you’ve not come to the earlier sessions, feel free to join in on this one.

There are suggestions on how to prepare for this session posted on the Prophetic Portraits pages (scroll down on the right column).

NEW Stuff on the Site!

If you’ve come looking for Lectionary musings for the Sunday coming (Thanksgiving) – you’ll find a new posting called “Pentecost 20 – Thanksgiving for Canadians” which takes a ‘slanted’ look at Luke 17. “Slanted” thanks to insights from preachers at the Conference on Preaching I’m attending this week.

There’s also a page for the next session in the Fall Bible Exploration Series, which will be looking at the book of Isaiah.  Please do check this out if you’re planning to come on Oct 13th.  For those who can’t come on Wednesdays, this is a great way of staying connected with Biblical explorations at CPUC. Join in with your online comments and enrich the conversation even more!

THIRD:  I’ve posted a link to a site I just discovered called “Enter the Bible” –  a site I’d recommend because the approach to Scripture is similar to ‘ours’ at CPUC – that is, it takes the text seriously, imaginatively, critically and curiously, but not literally.   You’ll find the link  here, and under the “Bibles and Bible Study LINKS” section in the column to the right near the bottom.

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