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Let us build a house where hands will reach beyond the wood and stone to heal and strengthen, serve and teach, and live the Word they’ve known.  (Marty Haugen ©1994) 

Beyond Wood and Stone”  (BWS) began life in 2009 as  an online venture in ‘reaching beyond the wood and stone of our building to wherever you are,  to help Cedar Park folk and friends connect the Bible with their daily living.  It was hosted by Rev. Elisabeth Jones, who was at that time Director of Studies at the United Theological College in Montreal.  When she became our Minister of Word and Sacrament at  CPU in August 2011, she continued this Blog, adding pages to it to enhance and support the faith exploration studies and workshops.  After a few months’ hiatus, BWS is back, with a new  look, new content, and with a revised mandate:

  1. To continue Rev. Elisabeth’s periodic ‘musings’ on the Scripture texts which will be preaching in coming weeks.
  2.  To share reflections on ministry, mission, purpose in the life of our Cedar Park Community of Faith, both within, and beyond, our wood and stone. Sometimes there will be ‘guest’ posts, from partners in mission and ministry.
  3. “Beyond the Courses” will continue to provide that space to enhance and expand participation in the faith exploration opportunities  offered at CPU

BWS doesn’t replace worship and preaching, nor the regular weekly email updates and bulletin announcements of the congregation. It’s here to enhance and deepen these aspects of our common life

BWS is a “safe space” for exploration and conversation about faith, designed specifically for the Cedar Park congregation and friends. The site is accessible to anyone with the link.  Cedar Parkers are encouraged to add comments, knowing that we have security filters in place to keep the space safe, open, progressive and affirming.

Welcome to BWS!


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  1. "Sam" Kirkham

    June 25, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    My heart is full and I am truly blessed. Rev E, the “Church and Fountain Band” – as you so aptly dubbed us – collectively thank you for extending an invitation for Coffee House to Meet Worship. Thank you for being so open to the music, helping me plan, and providing us with the opportunity to offer Cedar Parkers an alternate musical worship experience. We surely went to the other side in “A Blaze of Glory”!

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