A note on the Lectionary

The Lectionary is a list of Scripture readings  assigned to be read in Christian Worship on a given Sunday.  At Cedar Park we use the Revised Common Lectionary,  which is used by many Christians around the world.  It has a 3 year cycle, meaning we take 3 years to read portions of the Bible (not all of it). The RCL has 4 readings assigned for each week, as follows:

  • An “Old Testament” reading (from the Scriptures of the Israelite/Jewish community before the time of Christ)
  • A Psalm (a  song book of the faith tradition)
  • A reading from one of the Epistles (from the early Christian communities that formed after Christ’s Resurrection)
  • A reading from one of the Gospels (the stories of the life and meaning of Jesus Christ)

At Cedar Park we normally read only the texts we’ll be exploring through a sermon or worship. Most weeks that means only 1 or 2 readings.

For more information on the Revised Common Lectionary, see the following links:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lectionary.


On the Bible Study Links box (to the right) you’ll find “Textweek”, which gives a mountain of information about every week of the Sunday Lectionary.