Midrashing Mark is our Fall Lectionary-based Bible Study Series.  You’ll find links below to the hand outs from the  sessions. They’ll be uploaded on Fridays following each of the sessions,as outlined below.

Session 1  (Wed Sept 19, Thurs Sept 20):    Mark the Gospeller

Session 2  (Sept 26/27) :  DIscipleship Sticking Points:  Mark 9:38-50 and Mark 10:1-12

(Please note, that both study groups spent all their time on Mark 9:38-50. We had more than enough to discuss on that text alone!)

Session 3 (Oct 3/4): How Many are Fed ( Mark’s Feasting and Feeding Stories – for Thanksgiving)  Mark 6 and Mark 8

Session 4  (Oct 10/11)  Camels, and Claims on the Pew.  Mark 10:17-45.