radical welcomeWe care because we are creatures made in the image of a loving, caring, healing, mending God, (Gen 1:26).

After a few generations of ‘professionalization’ of care in faith communities, where the Pastor and a few designated and trained individuals offered specialized care to the few most needy, an old-but-new ¬†pattern of congregational care is emerging in which we are rediscovering this fundamental call of God, to care for one another, at all times, in all places. In fact, if we look closely at the earliest Gospel communities, we’ll discover that they were communities of fellowship, discipleship and mutual care. This combination created communities capable of extending God’s care, justice and love into the world.

In Lent 2015, Cedar Park United began an emerging “Caring Community” initiative which will take shape over the next 2 years – and beyond, God willing!


For more on Caring Community please go the Cedar Park United Website www.cedarparkunited.org