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Resurrection Project Day 10: Congratulations, Dr. Jones!

Well, I guess there’s a predictability to this post:  how did I witness resurrection today! How did I choose to witness to new life?  I got to witness to the life of God alive in the life of Cedar Park United as I shared (the official word is “defend”) my thesis, through a presentation to those assembled to adjudicate.  I got to speak about your willingness to risk, and dare, and your willingness to let me do likewise, to open up the Bible, not as a dusty ancient book, but as a library of Image result for i passed thesis defense witnesses speaking through the centuries to us of the loving faithfulness of God,  the Dream of God, and the call of God to us to be life-affirming, justice-seeking people willing to walk together the Way of Jesus.  I got to talk of how far we have come on this journey together. I got to talk about how amazing it has been to share Scripture through “midrash”, turning and turning these ancient texts, until they become real, and shape our own lives.  I got to do all this, and it was a 2 hour experience of intensity, thoughtfulness, but above all, of the “power of God working in us (all) more than we can ask or imagine!”

It certainly helps me to add the hallelujah at the end of this short post:  I passed “unconditionally.”  Am I relieved? Of course! But more than relieved, I am so grateful that I “did you proud,” Cedar Park .   Thank you!

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  1. Verily, a heartfelt congratulations to you, Dr. Jones. Blessings. xo

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