Yep.  One word at a time. Writing them, editing them.  That’s really the story of the last week or so of my sabbatical, and will be almost until the end.  I am sure it’s also probably far less interesting to read than “The Adventures of RevE in Provence!”  But that’s the true gift of this sabbatical time,  a ‘wilderness’ space and time to be filled with those things that could not happen if I were in the thick of ministry with the busy people of Cedar Park.  It is a tremendous gift, and some days it feels more like a ‘responsibility’ to make good on that gift, but that’s alright.  That keeps me going through the ‘grind’ of one more word.  I was asked why it’s sometimes a “grind”, and here’s the answer I came up with, on reflection:  I LOVE writing creative midrashic (imaginative) explorations of scripture that will be shared with Cedar Park.  What I love less is the academic writing about creating midrashic -imaginative biblical experiences. But it’s important work, not just for us, but for others out there, trying to find a way to be authentic, life-affirming followers of the way of Jesus, and dreamers of the Dream of God.  I miss you, and pray for y’all, and hope you do too, for me!