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Month: October 2017

Sabbatical Update: Provence

What a gift this has time in Provence has been! After an intense time in UK (with parents who are ill, and/or with housing issues that necessitate many conversations with care providers, lawyers, social workers), this past two weeks as been a time  of sun-soaked restoration.  For most of the time, Norman was with me, so we were able to fully explore this ancient region – how many hilltop villages are there??  This past four days has been ‘toute seule’, my days spent primarily starting on the task of writing my D.Min. thesis, balanced with daily walks  in the vineyards and olive groves,  or to read  and take-notes for the next chapter sitting on a térasse in the village square with  un café au lait avec du pain au chocolat (which pretty much negates the walking!).   Some photos……

Cheap flights mean it will take me two days to get back to Montréal, so my kindle is primed for lots of waiting in departure lounges.  The next phase of my Sabbatical is about  thinking and  writing, and writing, and in between, more writing. To the folk of Cedar Park United who are following this blog journal, thank you for being interested, and supportive.  Please know I think and pray daily for the congregation, and also pray daily that this thesis – which is about our journey together with Scripture – will come some way close to mirroring the amazing, courageous, creative community that you are.

Sabbatical Update: Thanksgiving

Good Morning, and a Happy Thanksgiving Morning to all Canadians!

I’ve updated the Sabbatical Journal again.  Each week has its own page, and the latest entries are simply sitting in the “Sabbatical Journal”, with most recent entries first.   Norman and I are now in Lourmarin, Provence, where I shall be for the next two weeks.  After spending 10 days with aging parents, and attending to those matters which are specific to age and illness,  I am now shifting gear into full-time writing.  A number of you expressed concern that that didn’t seem “restful” or even “pleasant.”  Rest assured, all is well!  Take a look at these first images, and you will see; we are in a beautiful spot,  and I can’t imagine a more conducive way to write than at a table soaked in Provencal sunlight, above the  crooked alleys of Lourmarin, doves in the eaves across the way.Please don’t feel sorry for me. Not at all!  Today, this Thanksgiving, I am indeed thankful. 

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