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Sabbatical Update

The Journal continues. You can find the latest entry  here and you can find the Journal week 1 by clicking  this, or using the tabs above..  I hope there’s a ‘thought for the day’ for those of you who are choosing to read this (and thanks for the encouragement).

To update those who are interested on my plans for the next 3 weeks, now that I’ve had chance to finalize some of them:

  • I head to the UK next week, to spend some time with my mother, who at 84 is no longer very mobile,  so we’re planning a few trips to old haunts, and lots of cups of tea.  I shall also visit with my father, who having suffered a number of strokes this year, is now in a nursing home.  For  a hitherto  fit, active,man-of- the-moors, and one whose mental acuity was legendary, this is a hard chapter of life to be writing, so I ask your prayers for my family as we connect as deeply and as meaningfully as possible.
  • Norman and I will meet up in London, to head to Provence, France. We will spend a week basking in late lavender and early grape harvest, croissants and honey, and such delights for eye, body and soul. He, alas must return after a week, but I shall stay on for another week by myself, to write, write, and write.



  1. I think the infectious nature of grace is the best part (à la Ordinary Mary). I wonder if maybe the guy who bought the coffee for your parking change angel then inspired the barista to give a free latte to the lady with the two little children, and she then got a sudden rush of gratitude which translated into more patience with her toddler, and the toddler, feeling all unconditionally loved, then proceeded to pick a dandelion and blow it at a TSA agent who smiled and was reminded of his childhood and his next-door neighbour, the boy from Lebanon with whom he used to pick dandelions in the back lot, so that when he went back to Trudeau to stamp passports after his coffee break, he gave the warmest welcome to the new immigrant family just arriving from outside Beirut. Good on you for forgetting your wallet!

  2. erjones

    September 22, 2017 at 7:21 am

    We need an illustrator, so we can create the book!

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