In a world where being a progressive/liberal/affirming Christian seems to be getting weirder if not harder, it’s perhaps not surprising that more of you are asking “How on earth do I talk about my faith with friends or colleagues, or family?”   I hope you’ll discover that at Cedar Park,  season of Epiphany is  being designed just for you and your questions!

The lectionary – the list of Biblical readings – gives us a series of texts that churchy folk like me often  refer to as “call stories” – but that’s church-speak.  What would happen if we were to read these texts  not as ‘call stories’  but as invitations?   When Jesus shows up near the sea of Galilee, he’s issuing an invitation -take it or leave it – to find out a bit more about what makes him tick as a spiritual human being.  When it comes down to it, that’s probably all we need to share with friends, skeptical or otherwise when they look wide-eyed at us when they realize we are church-goers.   If they’re curious at all, they’re probably curious to know why on earth we do such an archaic thing,  especially when the word “Christian” is being dragged through some particularly muddy pastures right now.

If you can’t join us Sunday mornings, you can read the sermons on this blog site . Just go to the sermon tag, and you’ll find the sermons in this series posted each week.   Once our church website team have completed the upgrade and reconstruction, you’ll be able to find them there too, along with audio podcasts of at least some of the sermons.

January 15: The Great Invitation: Come and See!

January 22: Come and Follow – a Daunting Invitation

January 29:  Invitation to be Blessed

February 5:  You ARE Salt and Light

February 12: An Invitation To Go Deep