A ‘new to us’ tradition at Cedar Park in recent years is the lighting of a new Christ Candle, and procession of light at the beginning of our Easter Sunday Worship. In many Christian traditions, both of the East and West, ┬áthe church is plunged into darkness on Good Friday, to signify the death of Christ. Then, in the dark hours of Easter Saturday/Sunday a new Christ candle is kindled, and then processed through a dark church towards the front, where it will stay for the coming year.

We don’t (yet) gather for a night Vigil at CPU, but this powerful procession of light is such a rich way of marking the Resurrection, and the release of the Light of Christ once more into the world.

We are blessed in the United Church with a freedom to adopt, adapt and create rituals which feed our spiritual imaginations.  This one has always been very powerful for me, and I hope it will become a cherished part of our Easter Celebrations.

Meanwhile, darkness descends, this Easter Saturday, and we wait……