Below is an information update from  our Cedar Park United Syrian Refugee Response working group.

Dear Fellow Cedar Parkers,

  • The Cedar Park United Syrian refugee sponsorship team is making steady progress, and been reaching out to the larger faith community. Here’s an update on what we’ve done so far, and what’s planned for the near future:


  • The refugee sponsorship team spent the late fall learning and preparing for action
  • Cedar Park United is now an active member of the West Island Refugee Network – a group of West Island churches (primarily United and Unitarian) and has attended two meetings to share information and pool resources
  • Cedar Park United is now working with Actions Refugiés Montreal to bring a Syrian refugee family to Montreal. We should find out just who we are sponsoring in a couple months; our application should be complete within 4 months. It’s a lengthy process requiring patience.
  • Our next step is to include the larger congregation and community by creating learning opportunities/events.
  • We will also be beginning the process to create specific project teams to share their skills and talents when the family arrives. These groups will become more crucial and active once we have passed the matching phase.

If you want more detail on the above, keep reading, by reading the full report on the Syrian Response page of this blog(click on the link up on the right)