Syrian camp kids.On Tuesday, the Congregational Board approved the recommendations of our Syrian Refugee Response Working Group to

a) go ahead with an application by CPU to become a sponsor of a refugee family.   We had explored the possibility of partnership with a group of West Island churches, and had great conversations with them, but came to the conclusion that they were already farther along in the process, and that there would be limited opportunity for the many at CPU to be as fully involved as you’d like to be,  so we’ve taken on the challenge ourselves.  (This way 2 families will be helped)

b) open a dedicated fund for the  ‘CPU Syrian Refugee Project.’  This means you can donate to this fund, knowing that all your donation will support the project, from application right through to on-the-ground support of our refugee family.  As with all identified donations to CPU, you will receive an tax receipt for your donation.  (It is NOT part of the government matching scheme).

As of this afternoon – Friday Dec 18,  we have ALREADY received donations, and one significant cheque from a community neighbour!

If you’re wondering “What have we gotten ourselves into?”  The answer is “A BIG piece of work!”  However, I have no doubt that we are doing the right, if brave/bold thing. This feels so much like the strong call of God. After all, what better work can we be doing than pooling the resources of this community to extend our care to those who are in most need of it?  We will be challenged, we will work hard, we will hit road blocks, but we will grow in unimaginable ways as a congregation.   I am honoured and proud to be serving as the Minister with with such a Dream team!Blessings,



PS.  I have created a dedicated page for all the Syrian Refugee Updates, so if you want to know more,  look up at the top of the home page, and click the link, where you’ll find lots more information.