kells[1]This Sunday we begin a worship series called “The Gospel According to Everyone.”

We’ve all heard of the “Gospel according to Matthew”, and Mark and Luke and John.  We know these Gospels are “Good News about God in Jesus” as told by four different communities and authors.  The question that I’ve been exploring for months now is this: “What  would happen if we could write our own Gospel?  How would I, or you, share  our “Good News about God in Jesus”?  What would we share about the way our lives have been touched by God, shaped by Jesus’ life and teachings?

Some of you paint, or write, or compose music, or take wonderful photos as a way to connect with God, with the Holy.  Some of you have experienced the touch of God in critical moments – God’s comfort and presence through illness, for example.   Some of you feel most fully human, most fully alive, and connected to the grace of God during a Healing Pathway session, or through social justice activism, or in your daily work.

As I pondered all these myriad ways in which God has touched the lives of the folk of Cedar Park, the more convinced I’ve become that we are a Gospel waiting to be written and told! And now is the time to begin!

Over the next eight weeks,  various people are going to share a chapter from their Gospel;  we’ll hear stories, explore the creative process of one of our talented artists as they explain how this helps them to understand God, the world, themselves; we’ll hear musical compositions of some of our congregation members, hear poetry, or overhear interviews and short stories of faith.

I am really hopeful that as the first few brave souls  who’ve volunteered already share a chapter from their Gospel,  that others will be inspired to share a few verses of their Gospel too!  I’m really excited by this project, and hope you will be too.  If you want to be involved in some way, be sure to contact me.