What a glorious celebration on Easter Sunday!  We rose to watch geese in v-formation fly over the ecumenical sunrise service at Windmill Point, we sang 10 verses of a hymn while every soul/body at Cedar Park transformed Friday’s Crucifix into Sunday’s Daffodil cross, trumpeting to the neighbourhood that Christ is Risen!  We celebrated communion with Mario’s wonderful Easter Bread, we filled the sanctuary with butterflies and hallelujahs….. and now we move into the season where we look for signs of resurrection around us, and within us.

Hope you’ll Earth Dayjoin us when you can for worship at Cedar Park. On April 21 we’ll celebrate Earth Day with an all-ages worship, being planned by 10 year old Dylan, plus his Mom Jessica, and others  like Shelagh and Tom, who are adding insight, imagination and enthusiasm in bucket-loads.   For those of you who like to prepare ahead of time for worship, you might want to check out these amazing ‘tip sheets’ produced by Blessed Earth: http://www.blessedearth.org/resources/downloadable-tip-sheets/.