What a weekend of celebration at Cedar Park!  The Service of Lessons and Carols on Saturday Night, under Douglas Knight’s direction – and inspiration –  was an evening of wonder, joy and hope.   My thanks to EVERYONE who made that evening such a celebration of the “Message of Christmas” – choristers, lighting, sound, welcomers, printers, coffee and tea makers, bakers, bow-tie makers, music sorters, and all who brought family, neighbours and friends to share the vitality of this amazing commuity! (For those who want to read the “Christmas Message” from this Service, click this link: The Christmas Message Dec 17 )

And Sunday’s KidZone pageant “It wasn’t the Hilton You Know!”  was SUCH a delight to behold! The energy, enthusiasm, care, preparation, and performances were exceptional. Baby angels running up the aisle on cue! Kids of all ages, sharing song, drama, and joy as they shared the true message of Christmas.  They were right, weren’t they?  It’s not about how ‘spectacular’ we can make this message, it’s about realizing that God’s child is born, and born again and again, in the simplicity of ordinary lives, because it’s from such tiny beginnings that worlds can change.  Our children enlarged our vision and hope of God’s Dream yesterday, and I am truly grateful!

Our CedarPark Youth in Action group took the same message to the neighbourhood last night as they went carolling, and collecting food for St. Columba House, and money for their school project in Haiti. God comes to us, making hope and light take on flesh and heart in us,  if we give God a chance!

Please, anyone who was at these events, feel free to add your own Hallelujahs, below!