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Women in the Bible Challenge – still open!!

Earlier today Elizabeth sent out a message with this line:

Three messages today, from Martha, Rebecca and Elizabeth. (Test your knowledge: can you identify those women in the Bible?!)

Now there’s the challenge!!! ¬†This is our perfect opportunity to find these three ( or more?!!) ladies in Scripture, and see what we can come up with about them. ¬† I’m inviting you to add a comment with what you’ve found out, and then we’ll add more fascinating tidbits to the mix.

A clue to get you started, one in the Old Testament, two in the New……

What a great way to join in with the Women’s Group’s Sessions on Uppity Women of the Bible!


  1. Martha is in the New Testament in Luke 10. Martha and Mary are sisters and Jesus visits their house. Martha wants to be a really good hostess and make everything nice for Jesus while Mary sits at Jesus’ feet and listens to him. I think the difference in their approach to Jesus possibly points to the different ways that we are called to serve Christ in the world and how we have different gifts and some of us are more providers like Martha while other women are more gifted in listening like Mary.

  2. Thanks to the two Elis/zabeth’s for the challenge! Great idea!
    I like Lisa’s comment – you’re really quick off the mark!! My comment is to you for now. I’ve always loved this story because I preferred to be a Mary and look how Jesus defended her!! I have had to learn to value the one I didn’t prefer. and at times it has been hard work because it required me to make a change in my perspective. I guess that’s part of what the story is about too. Now I just have to be willing to be more balanced in my use of the two particular gifts you mentioned.

  3. I couldn’t let this challenge go because i did not know who Rebeccah was! A little research later, I find her as the wife of Isaac, Abraham’s son, and mother to Jacob and Esau. It’s in Genesis 24, then 25: 10-33. It’s a long story and I think, from the patriarchal pt. of view, about the powere struggle related to the death of Abraham. But, more importantly, Rebeccah is an Uppity Woman! She manages things for her own survival and the survival of her favored son, Jacob, in a manner similar to Ruth, who we studied in our last Women’s Group meeting. As Elisabeth said to me previous to that session on Uppity Women, when women get mentioned in the Bible, they are important people and are usually Uppity, (defined as ‘rebellously assertive’ in the video we used.) It’s been a pleasure to meet another one!!
    Next is Elizabeth. I feel like I know her but I’m not sure if there aren’t more than one.
    Anymore women out there who want to join this challenge?
    Jeanne Taylor

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