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Embodying the Lord’s Prayer

Two versions of the Lord’s Prayer are found in the New Testament: Matthew 6:9-13  and Luke 11:2-4.

Here’s a wonderfully helpful description from Paul Bosch of how to put our whole body into praying the “Lord’s Prayer”.   (Thanks to Mary Hess for the link)

It’s nopsalm 63t just great for Kidzone- age folks, but for us “older” children of God too.

Maybe we should try it out  sometime?

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  1. I love this! Maybe we could try it sometime, somewhere. I think we’ve done something like this at CPUC with Rosemary and the kids but I don’t think many adults did it at the time. It would perhaps help us to say the prayer at a rate where one was conscious of what is being said instead of as if by rote!! I also like the version of the Lord’s prayer used.
    Thanks for this.

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